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Previous Grant Opportunities

In July of 2019, the CMI Fund announced the following combination of grant opportunities totaling $1 million.  

​Level 1 - 5 to 10 Dioceses – at $100,000 each

  • Who want to strategically implement many of the key concepts described in the NACFLM keynote presentation Dennis Stoica delivered on July 29, 2019

  • Project lengths ranging between two and five-years

  • Requires a match

  • Competitive application process

Note: Level 1 grants have been replaced by the Implementation Assistance Grants described on the Home Page

Level 2 - 10 to 20 Dioceses – at $5,000 each

  • To provide Leadership Training for between 12 and 30 key couples in one of several pre-approved marriage programs/curricula

  • No match requirement

  • Competitive application process

Level 3 - Unlimited Number of Dioceses – at $1,000 to $2,500 each

  • To cover expenses for one to four people to attend a specific Marriage Ministry Training Conference - which takes place every year in Dallas

  • No match requirement

  • 5-minute application process; automatic approval for single attendees/diocese

Level 4 - 10 to 20 Catholic Marriage program authors/publishers at $1,000 to $10,000 each

  • Total available funding for Level 4 is $100,000; average grant likely to be $5,000

  • Funds to be used to improve existing Catholic Marriage/Relationship programs 

  • For existing programs, already in use, only; funding not available for new programs

  • No match requirement

  • Competitive application process 

While Level 1 grants have been replaced by the grant opportunity described on the Home Page, funds for grants at Levels 2, 3, and 4 are still available.  To inquire about these, please send an email to

To understand the overall philosophy behind all of the grants made available by the CMI Fund, you are invited to view the recording of Dennis Stoica's keynote address at the 2019 NACFLM conference found at .

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